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Whispering gallery mode resonators and photonics

Whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonators are dielectric cavities in which the electromagnetic field is localized by total internal reflection at the dielectric boundary instead of external mirrors. Typical WGM waves are supported with geometries of circular symmetry, localized near the surface along the equator of the WGM resonator similarly to whispering gallery modes known in acoustics. Among many remarkable properties of WGM dielectric resonators is the ability to achieve high Q factors, particularly in crystalline materials.  Over the years, our group has pioneered many fabrication techniques and WGM resonator applications.  The WGM related research continues today in our group and has grown into several new areas including frequency stabilizations, optical frequency comb generation, narrow line width lasers, and other nonlinear optics and sensor applications.

Connected to the WGM research, we are also involved in a number of other photonic areas such as microwave photonics, optical phase control, and coherent optical links.